Why you need Video/Cinema …

Being in this industry for almost 10 years, the one thing we hear the most from our clients is that having a videographer (or cinematographer) at their Wedding was not something they initially planned on. Often times, it goes by the wayside due to budget or other reasons. I understand. I really do. Weddings are expensive.
However, I’m also constantly being booked by the sister/friend/family member of a couple who did not choose video for their Wedding, and it ended up being one of their biggest regrets, and therefore, this client does not want to make the same mistake their sister/friend/family member did.
I also understand that I simply cannot convince those who do not want it. So I won’t. But what I am going to do is start a little blogging series of stories that I come across, searching on the web, or stories that come to my attention that really bring the importance of video out.

The first one comes from the Style Me Pretty blog (I am so addicted to that blog, if you have not discovered it yet, please check them out – beautiful weddings and inspiration 5 days a week – it’s just amazing). Please check out the story of Amber and Ryan. It was posted yesterday and is an extremely heartfelt story and I was so pleased to see they had video – and then watching the video made me cry. Now, they will forever have their little (now deceased) daughter captured on video giving them kisses, reaching out to them – it’s just amazing what video will do.

Here are the links:
Click here to read and see Amber and Ryan’s Story on Style Me Pretty Blog

… and here is their video – done by Milestone Pro


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